How do V.I.T.L. Backpacks Work to Prevent Sweat Buildup?

Most of us are familiar with the experience of lugging around a backpack on our way to class or work. When it’s hot outside, taking off a backpack can feel like peeling off a band aid. It’s definitely not going to be one of your top ten feelings of the day and probably won’t look great either. That’s why we at V.I.T.L. engineered the perfect solution for sticky, sweat-inducing backpacks. Check it out.

What Causes Us to Sweat?

Sweating occurs when our bodies attempt to regulate their core temperature in response to exercise or exposure to excessive heat. When sweat evaporates from our body, it lowers our core temperature, resulting in an overall cooler feeling. Sweat that fails to evaporate, however, collects in puddles or “hotspots” around our bodies. This is a common case when people wear backpacks in hot weather. The sweat on our backs has no way to escape and creates a wet, smelly pool that’s difficult to ignore.

How Do V.I.T.L. Packs Help?

V.I.T.L. cooling backpacks are different from traditional packs because they reduce the contact points between the wearer and the bag allowing sweat to escape more easily. Additionally, V.I.T.L. uses a built-in active cooling system that accelerates the evaporation of sweat and directs a refreshing breeze over the wearer’s back, neck, and shoulders. Together, this significantly minimizes the overall “sweat footprint” most other bags leave behind.