5 Advantages of Using a V.I.T.L. Backpack as Your Everyday Carry

Backpacks are an essential companion for students, travelers, and commuters all around the world. They help us to transport our belongings, safeguard our valuables, and express our personality. However, despite all these benefits, the traditional backpack stills fall short from being a perfect carrying solution. With this in mind, our team at V.I.T.L. implemented five key changes to improve the everyday backpack. Check it out.

    • Improved Back Support - Typical bags force excess weight onto the user’s back, neck, and shoulders, often forcing them to slump forward for extensive periods of time in awkward positions. This can cause long-term or permanent damage to the user’s spine. The V.I.T.L. backpack fixes this issue by utilizing a solid frame along the back of the bag. This frame helps to keep the user’s back straight and prevents unnecessary weight from piling up unevenly.

    • Built-In Charging - Nothing feels worse than seeing a phone’s battery dip into the red with no power source in sight. Even with a power bank available, users often can’t hold bulky batteries and phones simultaneously. This means that the phone either needs to be stored away while it charges or the battery pack must be crammed into the user’s pocket. Neither of these options are desirable. The V.I.T.L. pack lets users quickly and conveniently plug their phones directly into the port on the side of the pack for easy and accessible charging.

    • Active Cooling - Walking around in hot, sticky weather with a backpack clinging to your back can result in painfully obvious and uncomfortable sweat stains. V.I.T.L. cooling backpacks help to keep wearers cool and comfortable throughout the day by generating a constant breeze between the pack and the wearer's back. V.I.T.L. even helps to reduce the buildup of sweat over the course of an entire day.

    • Waterproofing - Anyone who’s had to walk to school in the rain or catch a bus in a thunderstorm knows that it’s not cool having all the contents of your bag drenched in seconds. That’s why V.I.T.L. was made using waterproof materials. Our mixture of PU and polyester repels water so you don’t have to worry about whether your laptop will turn on next time your bag is exposed to the rain.

    • Organizers and Hidden Pockets - V.I.T.L. is loaded with more zippers, pouches, and compartments than your everyday backpack. This isn’t an aesthetic choice, it’s an important feature for students who want to stay organized and travelers looking to keep their valuables secure. V.I.T.L. includes dual-sided beverage holders, a front hidden compartment, glasses pouch, a 15” padded laptop sleeve, and more.